Monday, April 6, 2009

PSP - 2001

I just picked up the Psp 2001 series, I must say that I love it! I don't Know why it took me so long to pick up the upgrade but I'm glad I finally did. I didn't buy the 3000 because of some complaints I've read online about the screen and I didn't like the silver color or the fact that I couldn't hack it and put all those emulators on it. I have a few friends that were able to put a number of different emulators on their systems and I wanted to do the same thing!

Another thing I think is amazing is the "remote play" function the psp has with the ps3 and I'm currently using that as I type this blog! Once both systems have been updated just grab a usb cable and plug the ps3 into the psp and snyc them together and you're off! Anyone who is familiar with emulators on pcs will be familiar with this, the psp after about 20secs shows what you xmb on you're ps3 has including wallpapers and any games that you may have downloaded. I also have a NAS drive connected and yep it picks that up too and plays all the content from the NAS drive on the psp through the ps3, well except for a few video files. However, the psp will play all mpeg-2 files and divx for some reasone it won't play .avi or mpeg4 files?!

The only thing I have an issue with is with the psp screen resolution when in remote play, why can't it have the same psp resolution while in this mode? Also why can't I play a ps3 game through remote play?

Even with those two small issues I absolutely love the psp! I suggest anyone who still has the first generation psp to upgrade post hast! Oh and don't bother with the psp-3000 if you already have the 2000 either get another one 2000 or wait till the psp2 or psp-4000 comes out!

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