Monday, December 31, 2007

Knight Rider 2.0 JUST IN!!!

I just got this in from the news feeds that popular mechanics has a side by side comparison of the new Knight Rider car the mustang vs the old trans am.
here are some pics of the new car as well as Michael Knight and the Trans Am

Here is the link to the article Popular Mechanics
Here is another link I just got Knight Rider Online

Build the ULTIMATE GAMING PC in 1998

I was watching zdtv videos on youtube and they had a segment on ultimate gaming pc's however its from 10 yrs ago! Its the funniest thing i've seen all week.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Build Your Own Robot

here is a video of the old Techtv show The Screen Savers and in this epidsode they go into detail on how to build your very own robot.

Look how far we've come

here is a review of the first ipod that came out in 2001, at the time it had only 5gb of storage and the screen was black and white. Now the newest model is 160gb and in color.

here is the ipod classic 80gb model review for comparison

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Street Fighter 4

Here is the recut of street fighter 4 from the 1up show that aired 12/28/07

Lerooooooy Jenkins!!!

I've decided to change the video from Miss teen USA misuse of the english language to this, its a classic and awesome. Also its another video we've all seen.

Here is a Halo 3 remix of the above video.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Traffic signs new feature

When a traffic sign tell you this, you might wanna think about working from home.

Thanks to N.D. for the picture.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Proper English; a lost art?

A friend at work sent me this picture after I quote Robert De Niro's line in Meet the Fockers: "I will take u down my friend, I will take you down to china town." Just funny I thought.

Thanks N.D. for the pic

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Apple Store visit 12/24/07

I went to the apple store at the King Of Prussia mall yesterday and asked one of the apple guys about using a laptop as some sort of remote to control another mac. He told me it was possible and it was called "sharing" I kinda already knew i could do it but i didn't know to the extent. Apparently i can use one mac to do anything i want with the other, if that makes any kind of sense. He even told me about some guys on youtube who almost tore the fabric of space and time to shreds. Check it out!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Artist of the day

I finally decided to add a new feature to this blog, I"m calling, as this title already reads: "Artist of the Day/ Week". It may be daily or weekly I really haven't decided. Anyway, a few of the features will include the artist bio and 3 pieces of their work.

Artist of the Day 1

Today's Artist is Garbage.
Garbage is a Scottish/American rock group formed in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1994. The band members are Duke Erikson, Shirley Manson, Steve Marker and Butch Vig.

Garbage released a string of increasingly successful singles in 1995–1996, culminating in the hit "Stupid Girl". The debut album, Garbage, was an unexpected smash, selling over 5 million copies and reaching double platinum status in the UK, USA and Australia. Garbage spent two years working on a follow-up album, Version 2.0, which topped the charts in the UK and peaked at #13 in the US. The album was nominated for two Grammy Awards, Album of the Year and Best Rock Album, and sold over 5 million copies. In 1999, the band performed the theme song to the James Bond movie The World Is Not Enough. That year, they also contributed the song "When I Grow Up" for the Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy.

The band struggled to sustain their initial success, and the band's 2001 third album beautifulgarbage failed to match the commercial success achieved by its predecessors. The band struggled to remain together and almost split in 2003, before returning with Bleed Like Me in 2005, peaking at a career-high #4 in the United States.

The band cut short a 2005 world tour, and announced an indefinite hiatus, but emphasized the stoppage was not a break-up. Garbage reunited in early 2007 to record new tracks for the greatest hits album, Absolute Garbage, that was released in July 2007.

Cherry lips

Only Happy When it Rains

Why Do You Love Me

100 Greatest Songs of the 90's

I was watching 100 greatest songs of the 90's on vh1 today and and it was very interesting. During this time period I was going into middle school and high school, so alot of these songs i do remember espically the rock songs cause thats when I started getting my taste for rock music. The list was quite immpressive I thought, it ranged from rock to R&b to grunge.

Needless to say that Nirvana's - Smells Like Teen Spirit came in at # 1. Here is a link to the site hope it doesn't change anytime soon. VH1

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Corporate America ain't all that bad?

Something interesting happened to me me today. I got a package at work that had cookies and a mug in it, something that I've been wanted for quite sometime. It was from the temp agency I worked for for the past 1.5 yrs. They sent this to me for getting hired permanently at the the past i was temping at. I thought this was pretty cool. The cookies were by this company called Bundles of Cookies. The do all kinds of events. The cookies were pretty good too. The agency I worked for was called The Boss Group , they mainly deal with creative types: Graphic, Web and Production designers and artist.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Wii for $9,100

I came across this story at work today and thought it was the best thing i've ever heard. Apparently, a father caught his son smoking pot and decided that an appropriated punishment was to sell his xmas present which was a Nintendo Wii on an online auction site (probably e bay), though the article didn't confirm which site he used. Check it out!

The leson here kids is not to smoke weed... at home do it in the ally like any smart junkie would.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

BONUS: SuperNews!- Transformers 2

I found this on youtube and thought it was awesome! Have fun.

American Gladiators is back!

I was watchin 30 Rock this evening and saw the commercial for Americans Gladiators which airs in January and I immediately got excited. I remember watchin' this show in the late 80's early 90s after all the good saturday morning cartoons went off and right before Knightrider came on! I loved that show sorta like the way a lot of other people liked wrestlin' and soul train!

I went to the site which NBC has the rights too now I guess. American Gladiators They have all new Gladiators to content against, I wonder if any of these people are from the original series contenders. I always thought the prize for the contenders was too become a Gladiator themselves? I guess i was wrong.

Here is a list of the new Gladiators:

Crush, Fury, Hellga, Justice, Mayhem, Militia
Siren, Stealth, Titan, Tor, Venom, Wolf

Just as a bonus here is a list of the original Gladiators:

Electra, Diamond, Gemini, Blaze, Tower, Lace
Thunder, Ice, Laser, Storm, Nitro, Zap,
Viper, Sky, Turbo, Hawk, Malibu

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Attack of the Clones; at least name wise.

I was putting this blog together and to my amazement I'm not the only one with the awesome name there is another person at with my... our name here is her blog site. I thought rather then be enemies we can be at least come to terms on the fact that we share the same spelling which still blows me my mind. Diante, if you stumble upon this blog holla!

Henshin II (Power Rangers opening themes)

I'm still doing research on henshin and the effects it has on characters designs or something like that, (kinda sounds like a research paper). And I've stumbled across something very interesting, what is interesting is the fact I forgot how much I used to watched and enjoy power rangers! It indeed was lame even back then but i still couldn't wait till Rita (the big boss lady), made her monsters grow to the point where the rangers had to call on their "zords" and combined thme to form a "Megazord" to save the day. Good times!

Anyways, I've hit a link that took me to and it has a poll goin on trying to figure when the "show jumped the shark", check it here. I would think that the show jumped when all the orginal charactors left and they started changing every season, or at least when the humans lost the "morph" abilities and aliens had to save earth.

I've also wanted to add the seasons intro to0, I am having WAY too much fun with this!
Season 1

Season 2a

Seasons 2b-3

Season 3

Season 4

Season 4 Extended

Season 5 (this is has content from the movie)

Monday, December 10, 2007

I've opened pandora's box

Today I finally got a chance to listen to pandora all day at work it was awesome, I'm no longer bound to just my ipod shuffle!! As I was listening I've started to catagorized the music, pandora does a pretty good job at it but i was thinking more for myself for the future. Heres a breif list so far if any of you out there have additions please post them.

Taking Back Sunday
Saves The Day
Hawthorn Heights
Amber Pacific
Bullet For My Valentine

Fallout Boy
My Chemical Romance
Senses Fail
Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Smashing Pumpkins
I Am Ghost

System of a Down

Well thats it so far I'll keep this update as I go along.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I've just finished creating a new character with many attributes one could find in any of the Japanese import kid shows, where a group of teens are giving the ability of "henshin" or morph as it tends to be translated.
Here is a direct link to the definition of henshin in wikipedia .

After doing a few Google searches on the topic I've found a number of sites dedicated to Henshin. A reference for Americans unfamiliar with the term just look at Power Rangers, Ultraman and VR Troopers.

Fantasy Creatures

After doing the blog about Preston and Steve Fantasy Football, which is still being put together (should have and updated soon), I fell upon a site that through several question figures out what kind of mythical creature one is. Unsurprisingly, the site told yours truly that I was a vampire. Here is the link, I guess cause I can be very emotional and I tend to keep to myself. Whatever the case maybe I found it quite interesting.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mugen Roster II

When the game companies came out with Mario vs. Sonic this is what I thought they meant. Frankly, I think sonic should win every time!

Mugen Roster

This seems to have a huge fan following on youtube, its the Mugen roster. Imagine any and every pop culture charactor in a 2d style fighting game, this is bascily what you get! I'm not 100% sure on how to play this but i'm sure if you do a search you'll be able to figure it out.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Preston and Steve

I don't know how many people out there have heard of these guys but they are one of the best reason to be in the philadelphia area. I do live in philly and I just love listening to them. They are part of the WMMR radio station specificly they are the host of the PrestonandSteve morning show on 93 WMMR. The reason why i bring this up Steve a fan of scifi and fantasy was messin around started talkin about fantasy football, as we all know its not fantasy as in warlocks and dragons but fantasy as in the game. Frankly i find the Steve's version a bit more interesting, so i started thinkin what would a FANTASY football game be like with warlocks and dragons and why hasn't nobody thought of this before?! So i guess its left up too me!

These are mostly based off of what i've heard over the past 10 yrs listening to p&s and some of the recent ideas comes from a drawing a local artist did for the host. I have the wallpaper around here some where when I find it'll upload it.

Preston: Mosly range attacks or weapons.
Fire breathing Dragon

Steve: Just Brute force creatures
Giant Golem

I'll add the other hosts later when i think of something good.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Minor thought

If this whole bloggin' thing works out I might just be on the band wagon. We'll see. I have alot of ideas and thoughts some good and some MEGA AWESOME and some well not... Lets see what what comes out.

I can't wait to get a NAS! I'll Explain later.

It begins...

Today was the first day at my new job, well not really I've been temping there for the past three and a half months but today was the first day of as a permanent employee. It really was just another day except a lot more paper work. A few weeks ago a coworker referred to me as her new work husband, i guess her and her old "work husband" got divorced? I thought that was a really awesome comment, though it did make me sad. The reason for this was; that was her last week there i didn't know how to react. Should i get a mock ring or something or just be like awe and say something like cute girls say the cutest things?? I went with the later kinda made her blush, hehehehe

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I've finally got off my duff and decided to reactivate my web presence. I think I may be a bit late considering how now i must play catch up! I will be adding alot more things to this blog test and maybe even get my site up, though i think it won't start to show signs of growth till the holiday break in like 3 weeks.