Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Top favorite villians

I was just thinking who are some of my favorite villains, so I came up with this list:

1) Darth Vader

2) Joker (Jack Nicholson)

3) G1 Megatron (voiced by Frank Welker)

Honorable Mentions:
1. Devestator (G1 Decepticons)
2. Cybermen (Dr. Who)
3. Venom (Spiderman Series)

Maybe sometime in the future I'll but a list of my favorite Heroes online.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Beast 2010 update

The case for my new computer came today, actually as I was driving to work I think I past the UPS truck that was carrying my case, ships passing in the night... Anyways, its here and its awesome! Its the Thermaltake Armor VH6000 case.

Here are the specs:
10 PCI slots design for quad-graphic card configuration. Adjustable PSU supporting bridge o Micro ATX, ATX, Extend-ATX supported Case Type: Full Tower Color: Black Material: Aluminum Front Door, Chassis: 1.0 mm SECC M/B Type: Micro ATX, ATX, Extend ATX Drive Bays: o External Bay: 7x 5.25", o Internal Bay: 7x 3.5" external 1 x3.5 (Convertible from one 5.25 drive bay) Expansion Slots: 10. Front I/O Panel: 2x USB 2.0; 1x IEEE 1394; 1x HD Audio; e-SATA connector x2.

I'll post some pics of the case when I open it or when the rest of the parts come. I also got the power supply Tuesday but I'm a little disappointed because It doesn't have as much watts as I would have like, initially I thought 550watts was enough but apparently I will need 700+ so I may have to get another psu sooner rather than later. :(

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Here is the unboxing of the Foxconn Inferno Katana LGA 1156 Intel P55 ATX Intel Motherboard which is the mobo I am considering buying.

Here is a link of some nice high res photos of the foxconn Inferno Katana mobo

building a pc

Since I'm building a pc I went looking around youtube to see if there were any good vids of building a pc and there were. Here is an excellent series made by computer shopper:

video 1:

video 2:

video 3:

Video 4:

video 5:

I hope anyone looking at this site finds this information as helpful as I did.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just started thinkin of a new gaming pc to build

Will it seems its time for another post, somehow I skipped the entire month of Nov. oh well hehehe.

I just ordered a PC tool kit and I got it today less than 24hrs from ordering it and its here, yay way to go newegg! So now I'm going to be looking around for the best case for this project, I think I'll call it "project Beast". I decided to do all the ordering from either Newegg.com or Amazon.com.

I hope it works out!