Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sad news to report

I thought the death of Billy Mayes was bad news enough, yesterday saw the death of my lacie NAS drive. I don't know what to do! All my files seems to have gone along with it (over 200 gigs worth). I'm currently looking into getting a replacement drive within the next week or so.

If your looking for any kind of NAS drive do yourselves a favor and don't buy Lacie their stuff is absolute crap! I'm currently looking at buffalo I'm hopping their drives are made with better stuff and while I'm a it maybe I'll look into a 100pk of blank dvds too?!

Here is a reviewer who shares my sentiment and gave words to my pain that I was at a lost for, taken from the cnet site

"Slow to spin up, noisy, unreliable over time"

by eceslax on January 12, 2009

Pros: The triple interface is great. I can select the best available interface for the computer I'm using. I also like that I can stand the drive on its narrow edge to save desk space.

Cons: Fortunately it has a three year warranty. The drive is failing after just over a year. One of the two disks inside will not spin up completely. LaCie tells me to erase the drive as a test. How do you format a drive that won't even spin up?
Summary: The drive goes to sleep after a relatively short period of time. Since the drive contains two disks, and the disks spin up consecutively, it takes about 10 seconds for the drive to ready itself when accessed after it has been sleeping. When Time Machine needs the drive once an hour, and you work with the computer all day, this delay gets irritating. The drive access is also VERY loud and clacky. About a month ago the drive spinup process got MUCH louder and rougher, and even after achieving full rotational speed the drive was quite noisy - moreso than usual. The tech tells me this is because of faulty data on the drive and that I have to erase the drive and report back to him, or else they can test the drive at my expense. Now I need to purchase another drive to hold my Time Machine data so I can do the test. You can bet I won't buy a LaCie. In fact, I'm on tonight to look at other reviews so I can pick a different brand. I should have learned my lesson from all the LaCie Porsche drives I bought that were filling up landfills in less than a year's time. (Five or six of them - I forget.) I selected this particular drive initially because of the form factor, aluminum case, and triple interface (not in that order) but you know what? There are other triple-interface players in this market, LaCie. Buh-bye

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