Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Beast 2010 update

The case for my new computer came today, actually as I was driving to work I think I past the UPS truck that was carrying my case, ships passing in the night... Anyways, its here and its awesome! Its the Thermaltake Armor VH6000 case.

Here are the specs:
10 PCI slots design for quad-graphic card configuration. Adjustable PSU supporting bridge o Micro ATX, ATX, Extend-ATX supported Case Type: Full Tower Color: Black Material: Aluminum Front Door, Chassis: 1.0 mm SECC M/B Type: Micro ATX, ATX, Extend ATX Drive Bays: o External Bay: 7x 5.25", o Internal Bay: 7x 3.5" external 1 x3.5 (Convertible from one 5.25 drive bay) Expansion Slots: 10. Front I/O Panel: 2x USB 2.0; 1x IEEE 1394; 1x HD Audio; e-SATA connector x2.

I'll post some pics of the case when I open it or when the rest of the parts come. I also got the power supply Tuesday but I'm a little disappointed because It doesn't have as much watts as I would have like, initially I thought 550watts was enough but apparently I will need 700+ so I may have to get another psu sooner rather than later. :(

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