Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Corporate America ain't all that bad?

Something interesting happened to me me today. I got a package at work that had cookies and a mug in it, something that I've been wanted for quite sometime. It was from the temp agency I worked for for the past 1.5 yrs. They sent this to me for getting hired permanently at the the past i was temping at. I thought this was pretty cool. The cookies were by this company called Bundles of Cookies. The do all kinds of events. The cookies were pretty good too. The agency I worked for was called The Boss Group , they mainly deal with creative types: Graphic, Web and Production designers and artist.


Luitron said...
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Luitron said...

Dude you sold out to corporate America! You ate their cookies! That’s like eating the apple in the Garden of Eden. You are band from the subculture world! lol

The True Diante said...

Dude selling out is what true americans do, thats how we can afford the fly rides and hot chicks!

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