Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Preston and Steve

I don't know how many people out there have heard of these guys but they are one of the best reason to be in the philadelphia area. I do live in philly and I just love listening to them. They are part of the WMMR radio station specificly they are the host of the PrestonandSteve morning show on 93 WMMR. The reason why i bring this up Steve a fan of scifi and fantasy was messin around started talkin about fantasy football, as we all know its not fantasy as in warlocks and dragons but fantasy as in the game. Frankly i find the Steve's version a bit more interesting, so i started thinkin what would a FANTASY football game be like with warlocks and dragons and why hasn't nobody thought of this before?! So i guess its left up too me!

These are mostly based off of what i've heard over the past 10 yrs listening to p&s and some of the recent ideas comes from a drawing a local artist did for the host. I have the wallpaper around here some where when I find it'll upload it.

Preston: Mosly range attacks or weapons.
Fire breathing Dragon

Steve: Just Brute force creatures
Giant Golem

I'll add the other hosts later when i think of something good.

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