Monday, January 7, 2008

American Gladiators Debut and Review

Ok, American Gladiators finally came on last night and i watched it even past my bed time (i have a job sorry!) and i must say it was like watching it back when i was but a boy. They got me screaming and clinching my chair like I'm on the toilet. I must say like the old show i found the new just as annoying in some respects. Lets take for instance the women's competition just as in the original i found that the competitors weren't as strong or determent to win as the men was. Although, i did find that all of the female gladiators where too hot to handle though the Gladiator named Crush was the best looking of them all.


Overall, I enjoyed the show and I look forward to watching it when it comes on tonight at 8pm, this will hold me over till Hereos comes back on or whenever the writers strike is over! Nice job NBC. I give the American Gladiators B+

Here is an added picture bonus of Siren

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