Thursday, January 10, 2008

BONUS:: CES 2008

CES (Consumer Electronic Show) was this week and to my surprise G4 covered it very well. Through the 2hrs they went back and forth with people on the floor to cover some of the more obscure electronics while asking viewers their opinions on some of the hotter gadgets. I thought they did really well with this and I hope that they use this as a template for covering Macworld next week or Comic con this summer!

The highlight of the programing was when i saw on G4 Kristen Holt tried on the new rumble vest (its basically a vest with the rumble stuff inside, so if u get shot or punched you feel it). They tested it out on her and she started to convulse she jolt some much she feel over and pretended to be dead, I thought that was the funniest thing (because you can't fake that).

Great comedic timing well done Kristen!

(i breifly tried to look for the clip on youtube and even G4's site and can't find it once i do i'll post!)

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Anonymous said...

I like the phone watches and the new Hydrogen cars.