Thursday, January 17, 2008

Macworld 2008

The MWX (Macworld Expo) was this week and boy it was awesome, at least for the mac loyalist! Fist Steve Jobs talks about the financial stuff that he always starts off with, how apple is gaining the the market place and how awesome the products are. Then he talks about the smaller products itunes, the latest operating system in this cause its Leopard and how Microsoft is stealing their ideas. Then he starts off with the cool applications. This time he drops the bomb and announces a new laptop, the Macbook Air.

Its a pretty cool laptop whats so awesome about it is that fact that at its thickest its still only half an inch!!

Steve also announced a hardware component that attaches to the Time machine software that provides effortless backups! Its basically a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device and it is called Time Capsule. I kind of like the fact that its keeping with the who time thing.

There where a few other neat things that where announced but those where the things I found interesting. The Macbook Air seems to be a very interesting thing to watch in the coming months, when I get to the apple store I will really be looking at that maybe for a future purchase.

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Anonymous said...

Coolness, mac will rule the world!